Why Your Business Needs Promotional Products

14 Sep
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Why Your Business Needs Promotional Products

Whether you are a huge corporation or a small business, promotional products help enhance your marketing efforts. You get a marketing alternative that draws the attention of the public without breaking the bank. According to PPAI Research, 8 in 10 consumers like receiving a promotional product.

Today, we take a comprehensive look at the top five reasons for using the most economical and personal marketing tool in the market – promotional products.

Enhance Brand Recognition

You get to increase your sales when consumers can instantly identify your brand from your logo. For instance, the yellow arch logo seems to be doing wonders for McDonald’s. Giving your consumers a promotional product helps them remember and recognize your business quickly.

Improves Consumer Loyalty

Did you know that giveaways help retain consumers in the long run? Your customers feel like part of your business when they have promotional products with your logo in their homes and lives. Therefore, they will trust and believe in your brand.

Increases Business Exposure

Unlike media advertisement that only airs for a few seconds, gift items stay in the lives of the consumers for a long period. According to ASI Central, 47% of customers keep promotional t-shirts for longer than two years. Freebies are, therefore, an excellent way of increasing business exposure daily for the unforeseeable future.

Helps Boost Your Alternative Marketing Efforts

Every business has to put effort into digital and social media marketing considering the recent improvements in technology. However, offering promotional products helps enhance these campaigns by increasing traffic and awareness. Adding promotional gifts to your media efforts will enhance the effectiveness of other media by almost 44%.

It’s an Effective Business Card

These giveaways include the same contact information as business cards. You get to engrave your company logo, slogan, and images on these gift items, thus enhancing customer reach. Promotional products are an effective business card because consumers use them daily.

Let Us Help

Finding the right promotional product for your company is an excellent way to bring in more business. Therefore, it is time to find a branding company with years of experience in the industry. At Juice That Brand, we are here to help you find suitable giveaways to complement your marketing efforts. Ensure you reach out today to find out more.

Tim Roche, Jr.