Why Pens Are Such a Great Promotional Product

01 Nov
Promotional Product Pens

Always useful, durable, inexpensive, and totally customizable, branded pens are an easy, friendly way to remind customers of your brand every time they need to grab a pen. Branded pens are available in endless varieties to match your style and budget.

Why Pens?

Offering customers clean, fresh pens to use when at your business — pens they can take along with them — is a small gesture of generosity they will appreciate. Many of us have favorite pens in desks and purses, pens that remind us of a brand connection each time we use them. Branded pens are also an easy way to make a statement about your brand with your choice of color, style, and functionality.

Classic Ballpoint Pens

Basic click penstwist pens, and stick pens offer value and variety with many colors and styles available. Classic ballpoint pens can be very cost-effective advertising, spreading your brand’s reach whenever someone uses that branded pen. 

Popular Roller Ball Pens

Smooth and pleasing to write with, roller ball pens come in everything from very classic styles to those with metallic finishes,  retractable roller ball pens, and even combination sets with a ballpoint and roller ball together.

High Tech & Multi-Function Pens 

Make your branded pen someone’s favorite with helpful, dual-function stylus pens such as these soft touch stylus pens, elegant laser-engraved stylus pens, or brightly colorful stylus pens. Keep customers safe with antimicrobial pens and even pens with a hand sanitizer reservoir and dispenser. Multi-tool pens offer more than just writing — one model also includes a phone stand, screwdriver, compass, stylus, and LED light. 

Elegant Fountain Pens 

Perhaps your branding style is a little more elegant. A classy metal fountain pen or a gorgeous, stylish fountain pen with the look of precious stones or rare woods may make the statement you’d like.

Fun and Functional Pens

Is whimsical and fun more your brand’s style? We have everything from cheery Santa Claus and maraca pens to pens with liquid filled barrels featuring floating gold dustheartsfootballsbubbles, and much more. Diamond-toppedheart-topped, and flower-topped pens and emoji pens can add a touch of fun, too. 

No matter what your brand’s style and budget are, there’s a perfect pen-style to suit your promotional needs. 

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Tim Roche, Jr.