Top Promotional Products For Post COVID Trade Shows

01 Feb
Post Covid Trade Shows

Thinking post-COVID, how do you plan to resume effective marketing to keep your presence at a trade show competitive?

Businesses utilize promotional products to introduce what’s new in business and services and it’s a great way to accomplish your objectives. Promotional products also keep your products and services top-of-the-mind, help you stand out, and increase traffic. 

The promotional product professionals at Juice That Brand have the top products for your post-COVID trade show. 

Amazing Trade Show Promotional Products Post-COVID 

1. Stress Relief 

COVID left many feeling the stress of uncertainty. Post-COVID, many people are looking for stress relief. Colorful stress balls are a great way to relieve built-up tension. Simply squeeze and release to alleviate your stress. Choose from 20 awesome colors branded with your trade show logo at a great price. 

2. Buttons 

Buttons are a great marketing promotional product. You’re offering your attendees a tangible product that will last longer than paper handouts or flyers. Choose from hundreds of button style types, designs, and sizes exclusively for your trade show event. Customize your buttons with a call-to-action for a low-cost way to achieve your marketing goals. 

3. Healthcare

Post-COVID, many people will still be worried about their health and safety. Hand sanitizer is a handy trade show marketing tool that your attendees will use often customized with your trade show logo. Attendees can enjoy a hand sanitizer that may kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the need for any water. Best of all, they’re sized just right to fit in a purse, pocket, desk, or glove compartment of a vehicle. 

4. Display 

At a trade show, the display is one of the most important elements of your event. A display is used to visually get your message across to your attendees. Choose from several style types including retractor, single-banner, straight wall kit, and more. You also have the option of customizing your colors, text style, and display message. 

For more promotional product trade show items, you’re invited to contact us or visit the Juice That Brand website for thousands of ideas ready to ship today! 

Tim Roche, Jr.