Some of our favorite promotional products for small businesses

07 Apr
Juice That Brand Mouse Pad Promotional Product

Top Promotional Products for a Small Business

Every small business needs to find a unique way of standing out from the crowd. It all starts with creative ideas that can get you brand recognition and customer loyalty. When competing against big companies with deep pockets, there is only one solution — business promotional products.

These promotional items will help your business generate more leads, drive more growth, and close more deals. However, not every product will suit your brand, image, or audience. What you need is a promotional item that can get your customers hooked. Let us take a comprehensive look at the top promotional products for small businesses.

1. Drinkware

People are constantly trying to turn their lives around by embracing a healthier lifestyle. Your brand needs to keep up with this emerging trend. Water bottles are a small health and fitness product that caters to the demands of your customers.

2. Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is a functional and unique product that gives you enough room to advertise your business. We live in a technologically advanced world where people use computers both at home and at workplaces. A computer mouse pad also allows you to get creative with your tagline or logo.

3. Hand Sanitizer

People have become aware of the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Promotional hand sanitizers will get you the recognition you need in the current market. Brand your company’s message and logo before distributing the hand sanitizers at the next event.

4. Apparel

Who wouldn’t want a free shirt, jersey, or cap? With apparel products, small businesses get lots of options. It is, therefore, vital to think about your client base when choosing the right promotional apparel. A sports house, for example, would rather have promotional jerseys than bandanas.

5. Travel Cosmetic/Sack Travel Bag

Customers use travel bags on almost a daily basis. You get a promotional item that provides free infinite advertising. Expanding your brand is easy when customers move about their daily lives while promoting your business. However, ensure you choose a durable and high-quality material for your promotional travel bag.

Get Help from the Pros

Promotional products are an excellent way of getting advertisement and bringing in more business. However, you need a branding company that understands your needs and can meet your requirements. At Juice That Brand, you will find suitable promotional products for your unique branding projects. Ensure you contact us today to stay ahead of the competition.

Tim Roche, Jr.