Seven Interesting Facts About Koozies and Can Coolers

31 May
Can Coolers

Have you ever tried to drink a cold beverage on a warm day? You might have used a can koozie to keep it cold. This simple invention can make it easier to enjoy your favorite drink when it’s humid outside, but there are a few things that very few people know about can koozies.

They’re customizable.

They’ve become more than just a great way to comfortably hold a can of beer or a cold soda. They can now add a touch of flair to any event, including weddings. They can consist of many materials, including plain foam, closed-cell foam, EVA foam, and neoprene.

If you want to have bottled drinks at your event, don’t worry. Bottle koozies insulate bottled drinks from outside heat.

The sizes aren’t the only customizable feature, though. Design choices are endless. You can put quotes or pictures on them or even make matching koozies.

Two companies currently claim they own the trademark for the koozie.

Kustom Koozies has been in dispute with Norwood over the Koozie trademark since the early 2000s. After a short truce in 2009, Kustom Koozie unsuccessfully canceled the trademark licensing agreement with Norwood.

They have many names.

If you’ve never heard of a koozie, you might have heard of it referred to by other names. Other names are beer hugger, cozy,  beer huggie, can cooler, bottle jacket, beer sleeve, coldy-holdy, coolie, bawdle, and stubby holder.

They have a fascinating history.

They were initially a trademark of Radio Cap Corporation in Texas. RCC registered for it in 1980, and that lasted until 2001. Before that, affluent members of Victorian society in the 1800s used to knit “koozies” to keep kettles and porcelain cups warm for afternoon tea.

Koozies are the result of some fascinating science.

Although they make it easier to hold a can and provide extra insulation from outside temperatures, their primary purpose is to keep water droplets from forming on the can when enjoying a beverage in a highly humid environment. These innocent-looking droplets can raise your drink’s temperature to the point where it loses its intended taste.

You can use them for more than just carrying drinks.

You can also use them to hold art supplies, keep fruit from bruising when you take it to work, hold shaving cream, use them as a smudge protector for drawing, a holder for glass ornaments, or furniture moving pads.

Scientists have studied how koozies can keep beverages cold.

Dr. Dale Durran published a study in Physics Today called “Condensation, atmospheric motion, and cold beer” to analyze the impacts of latent heat by using a beer can koozie. He found the can koozie key to keeping cold drinks cold in very humid temperatures.

If you’re planning an outdoor event on a day where there’s a high chance of humid weather, koozies are a functional promotional item to give customers. They’ll keep them happy and promote your company at the same time.  Contact us to find out more about our can koozies.

Tim Roche, Jr.