Promotional Products People Will Enjoy at Home

13 May
promotional products for people at home

People across the country are spending a lot of time at home right now.

When it comes to promoting your brand it is important to remember that many of your customers are likely working from and spending more time at home than usual. Keep this in mind as you develop your promotional product strategy.

Consider some of these ideas for promotional products for people at home.

For Readers, Writers, and Artists

  • Journal – Mindfulness journaling is a big trend, and many people find it soothing to write down their thoughts and feelings every day.

  • Coloring book – Kids (and some adults!) are happy to find a new coloring book full of untouched pages just waiting for their crayons and colored pencils. Inspire their imagination and remind them of your company each time they create some artwork.

  • Magnetic bookmark – Each time someone opens a book to enjoy another chapter, they’ll see your name. 

  • Glasses case – Anyone who wears glasses, especially those easy-to-lose reading glasses, will welcome an additional glasses case. Have an eye-catching logo? That will help them find that glasses case easily, too.

For TV and Movie Watchers

  • Blankets and Mugs – What’s more fun than binge-watching a new show? Watching it wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a big mug full of a favorite drink. Associate your company’s name with all that comfy, cozy feeling.

  • Snack bag clips – No one likes a bag of chips falling out – save them with branded snack bag clips. 

For Game Players

  • Playing cards – Anyone who’s gone to play a game of cards and discovered one of the cards is missing will be grateful for your branded deck of cards.

  • Notepads and Drink Sleeves – Help keep the game table going with notepads for scorekeeping and drink sleeves to keep cans and bottles cool.

For Phones and Tablets

  • Pop-out or Ring Phone Grip – Cell phones keep everyone connected, and let us watch movies, chat, and so much more. Remind people of your company when they hold their phone (and that’s all the time!)

  • Phone or tablet stand – Every time someone needs to stand up a phone or tablet for a video call, Zoom room or anything else, they’ll see your name.

  • Bluetooth speaker – A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy music at home, and they’ll think of you each time they jam out.

  • Power Bank – A phone power bank can be a lifesaver, and you can be part of that good feeling.

For Cooks and Kitchens

  • Oven mitt or potholders – Home cooks will always appreciate an extra oven mitt or potholder, from expert home chefs to frozen pizza connoisseurs.

  • Kitchen first aid – Be the one with the save and provide the little first aid kit that saves the day.

  • Bottle opener – Bottle openers seem to disappear to the back of the silverware drawer like socks in the dryer. Everyone can use an extra bottle opener, and the one they grab can have your name on it.

More promotional products for people at home ideas

Need more ideas? Looking for expert help with some creative promotional products for your business? Contact us today to get started and get your name out there.

Tim Roche, Jr.