Promotional Products For Health & Hygiene

07 Jul
People using hand sanitizer

As we find ourselves moving through a year filled with uncertainty, it is important to continue making health a priority.  Luckily, we have plenty of health-focused products to fit your unique branding needs and help keep people safe.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with everything going on is the necessity for sanitizer in all forms.  If you want a product your customers can reuse, check out these cozy clip hand sanitizers. Not only do these covers come with hand sanitizer that boasts aloe and vitamin E, but they can be conveniently clipped to keys, a belt, or bag! These covers fit all standard travel size hand sanitizer bottles, so your customers can continue using them, making them an invaluable promotional product! 

If you’re looking to offer something a little more unique than regular old hand sanitizer, consider this phone sanitizer spray. With people so attached to their technology these days, there’s no denying the value of such a simple offering. There’s a good chance other people will see your customer using it, increasing your brand’s reach. 


When you first think of soap it may not strike you as the most viable promotional product. However, with so many things changing, customers have increased and varied needs. If you really want to stand out, check out this portable disposable soap. It has 20 sheets of disposable paper soap in a convenient plastic case. Not only is this great for keeping clean, but it’s also sure to spark a conversation. You also have the added bonus of avoiding contact with any soap dispensers in public places!

Hands Free Convenience

A lot of people are becoming increasingly aware of just how many surfaces are possible sources for infection. Whether banking or visiting the office, people are trying to minimize their contact with high touch surfaces. If you really want to give your customers something they’ll remember, look no further than our no-touch door opener with touchscreen tip. This handy little tool will allow your customers to do things like open doors, press ATM, and elevator buttons, all contact-free!  

No matter the nature of your business, everyone has a common interest in health, especially right now. Contact us today to address any and all of your healthy promotional product needs!

Tim Roche, Jr.