Promotional Products for Cooler Weather

05 Oct
Promotional Products for Cooler Weather

Depending where you are, leaves may be turning, and everywhere, temperatures are dropping. With more people looking for opportunities to get exercise, socialize, and even dine outdoors as the weather is cooler, it’s a great time to offer promotional products with your brand that help people stay comfortable and safe outside or even while staying cozy at home.

Keep Heads & Faces Warm

Whether you call them caps, beanies, tossle caps, or something else, knit hats keep your customers comfy. We even have a holiday light-up version. Gaiters and scarves are another great winter choice.  Branded winter gear not only reminds your customers of your company, it’s advertising that goes everywhere they go!

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

Cozy texting gloves or knit mittens can quickly rescue cold hands and evoke happy thoughts about your company. USB-powered (including this really cute star-shaped one!), single-use, and reusable hand warmers are a great choice for happy customers.  

Layer It!

Pulloverscardigansugly sweatersjacketshoodies, all those layers that keep us warm and snug are a perfect opportunity to brand something your customers will use all the time. 

Hot Drinks

Who doesn’t like a hot drink in cool weather? USB-powered cup warmers and a matching mug are a great addition to any workspace. 

Cold Weather Car Gear

Ready for even colder weather? Keep customers’ cars ready for winter with branded ice scrapers (including those with attached mittens and lights!), windshield covers, and vehicle safety tools

Cozy Everywhere

Whether it’s used to snuggle up at home, in front of the fireplace, kept in the car for emergencies, or keeping someone warm in the bleachers, a blanket is a welcome and frequently used gift. We offer everything from rolled-up blankets ready to travel, and fleece, plush, and sherpa blankets, to snuggly sweatshirt blankets and knit and fringed throws. 

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Add your brand to cool-weather products for warm thoughts every time they’re used. Contact us today to start planning your autumn branded promotional products.

Tim Roche, Jr.