5 Promotional Products for Colleges and Universities

21 Jun
Promotional Products for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities have excellent opportunities to spread brand awareness. Institutions of higher education are filled with energy and potential. Schools often bring people together from many different walks of life. In addition, the activities and interests of this populace show some similarities. Matching your promotional products to the demands of college bound students, parents and others included in the college and university population is key. If you execute this properly your promotions may be seen on a regular (even daily) basis.

Promotional Products for Colleges and Universities

Here are five products that are sure to be a hit with students and parents alike.

Flash Drives

Students are frequently moving between their homes or dorm rooms, the computer lab, the library, and the classroom. They often use flash drives to store their files as they work on and turn in assignments, and this means that a flash drive is both a welcome promotional item that won’t feel like clutter and something that they will be sure to keep track of and see on a regular basis.


The iconic image of college students tossing a frisbee across the quad is a cliche for a reason. This is a particularly great item to include during promotions that will hit early in the fall semester. The weather is nice during the fall. New students are eager to find an opportunity to be outside. Don’t be surprised to see your branded frisbee tossed around all over your community!


You can never have enough t-shirts in college. College and high school students are often free to wear casual clothing on a daily basis, so a well-designed promotional shirt could get a lot of wear.  In addition, students tend to congregate around other students. One good promotional t-shirt has the potential for a lot of people to see your brand. Of course, don’t forget that proud parents like to wear college tees too!

Power Banks

Today’s high schools, colleges and universities place a high technological demand on students. Power banks come in handy when you need to charge your phone for listening to music. These handy items are also helpful for long study sessions. Students can charge the tablets they’re using to read their textbooks.  In today’s academic atmosphere a full battery is a must. That makes a power bank a must-have accessory.

Tote Bags

Whether it’s carrying books across campus, clothes to the gym, or lunch to an outdoor table, students find themselves toting a lot of stuff in a typical day. A branded promotional tote bag gives them the chance to see your brand’s name every time they need the convenience of carrying something with ease.

There are lots of affordable and useful ways to get your brand promoted on a college or university campus. Contact us today to see how to get started.


Tim Roche, Jr.