Incredibly “Smart” Promotional Product Accessories For Smartphones

03 Jun
Promotional Product Accessories for Smartphones

The truth is, a smartphone is designed to make our lives easier by doing things like keeping track of appointments, financial transactions, storing information, purchases, reading emails, and more. So, when customers are looking for smartphone accessories, they want to make their phone even more functional. According to online statistics by Techjury there are 2.7 Billion smartphone users around the world and 77 percent of all Americans have a smartphone. This means that many people are significantly using and carrying around their smartphone with a need for useful accessories. Juice That Brand has a myriad of promotional smartphone accessories that will bring visibility to your business and enhance your brand.

The Top 5 Promotional Smartphone Accessories 

Cellphone Wallet 

The cellphone I-Wallet is a great cellphone accessory that conveniently attaches to your phone. It uses super 3M adhesive that securely sticks to the back of your phone with a 2.375W” x 3.75H,” the I-wallet safely holds up to three cards or cash. You won’t have to bring your entire wallet or purse to your outdoor events with the benefit of this handy cellphone wallet by Juice That Brand. In fact, it’s a great accessory for customers on the go. The I-Wallet also conveniently holds your car keys, spare key, or hotel keys too. 

Cellphone Grip 

Have you ever dropped your cellphone? Does your phone case fail to provide the full protection or convenience for your phone that you would like? The amazing SlingGrip Phone Grip provides a secure one-handed grip for your cellphone. It has a universal attachment feature using peel-n-stick 3M adhesive that attaches to your cellphone or case. Their low profile pocket-friendly design has several attractive base colors to choose from including custom mounting cards too. The SlingGrip Phone Grip is 100 percent made in the USA and allows your business logo to truly stand out. 

Mini USB Fan 

The OverCool Mini USB Fan keeps cellphone users cool when it’s hot indoors or outdoors. This mini USB fan comes with interchangeable connectors for your mobile device. Soccer moms can keep cool at their child’s game, college students can use it at speeches on campus, or if the power goes out residents have an opportunity to stay cool. In fact, the Overcool Mini USB fan is compatible with your iPhone and Android. 

Smartphone Stand 

The Surf Stand has a unique curved design that allows you to conveniently hold your smartphone or tablet. The Juice That Brand smartphone stand provides customers with productivity, safety features, and comfort. Customers have the benefit of using their phone at their desk while keeping their hands free for other tasks. The Surf stand comes with a sleek design that includes three holes for storing markers, pencils, or pens making your other accessories readily accessible and easy to reach. 

Power Bank 

According to the Consumer Technology Association “smartphone” only use has surpassed the use of a desktop. With an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day spent on your mobile device, hands-free charging is always a handy accessory. The Easy Grip 2200mAh Power Bank gives you an easy way to charge your phone. The Juice That Brand has created a simple design that comes with a carrying strap, aluminum exterior, and a certified Lithium-ion battery. Recycle your electrical energy from your cellphone and use it to charge your device. Never worry about adhesives with user-friendly suction along with a micro and USB charging port. 

What To Expect From Juice That Brand Promotional Cellphone Accessories 

Juice That Brand is your one-stop shop for promotional items and business gifts. With an extensive range of promotional accessories, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs at a price that meets the demands of your budget. We’re committed to excellent customer service, fast delivery, and high quality products. We use our knowledge to guarantee products that work for you. Customers get relevant, customized recommendations from our team of professionals when they need it the most. Simply take a look around our extensive catalog or contact us at Juice That Brand with details about your budget and we’ll do the planning for you.

Tim Roche, Jr.

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