Promotional Items For Your 2020 B2B Marketing Plan

15 Jan
2020 B2B Marketing Plan

And like that, a new year and decade are upon us. You might still feel like you are coming out of the holiday fog but now is the perfect time to rekindle those business contacts and get them thinking about you for the rest of the year. One of the best marketing investments you can make is on quality promotional items. The key is selecting promotional products that people will use and the creative team at Juice That Brand is here to help.

Creating Perceived Value

The Promotional Products Association International surveyed over 700 recipients of promotional items. They found that 71% of those surveyed said their opinion of a company improved when they believed the item they were given cost more than $25. The takeaway is that you need to be creating the belief that you are willing to splurge on your business connections and clients. With some careful planning, you can select some great products to fit your brand and budget.

Know Your Client

Depending on who your target market is will affect what they will find value in. People in manual labor industries will wear and likely never throw away a quality ball cap. Meanwhile, people in other lines of work will appreciate and utilize a nice planner. With eye-catching branding imprinted on either, you will regularly come to mind as a resource they should be turning to.

Businesses concerned with their ecological impact will appreciate reusable and sustainable items. Consider an insulated lunch tote that will help them minimize their packaging waste throughout the year. Creative industries probably already enjoy activities like adult coloring. Creating a gift bundle like a coloring book planner with a few colorful gel pens will be a fun surprise.

Seasonal Opportunities

If you would rather invest in a more universally appealing product, consider upcoming events and holidays like Valentine’s Day. Your client is sure to enjoy a box of chocolate treats. Or, they may find a useful French press to be an impressive gift.

Let us help you make 2020 a success for your business

There are no limits to the branding ideas Juice That Brand can help you develop. We are eager to hear from you so we can start working on your 2020 B2B marketing plan together.

Tim Roche, Jr.