Promoting your Brand to People working from Home

14 Apr
promotional products for working from home

With so many people now working from home, many marketing campaigns need to be reevaluated.

If you were planning to give out a bunch of free t-shirts for people to wear at an upcoming event, think again.

It is becoming increasingly important that businesses and their leaders are able to adapt to these unexpected times. Also, with so many businesses needing to close shop, you want to be as proactive as possible to keep your business top of mind no matter what your current business situation.

The Little Things

To keep up with promoting your brand, be sure the items you send customers are relevant to their current needs. Mugs are always a great idea, especially for people working from home who are probably tied to their coffeemakers right now. Small notebooks and pens are always useful for general organization and planning, especially for these hectic times. 

Think About Your Demographic

If you want your promotional products to make an impact, you need to be sure the right products are reaching the right customer.

If your target customer has children, consider products that make their lives easier as they balance work and family from home. Items that could be used for cookinggardening, and exercise are all feasible options.  

When The ‘Work from Home’ Day is Over

Promote your brand after the “work from home day” finishes.

A fridge magnet bottle opener will expose your company every time someone in the household opens a bottled beverage. While we’re on the subject, cold beverage insulators provide convenience to a potential customer while creating brand exposure. (When people are out of the house again they will use these at outdoor parties and BBQ’s). Check out this one, which even comes with a bottle opener!

Picking the Right Products

Possibly the most important thing to remember while developing your marketing campaigns is that these are uncertain times. When choosing your promotional products, remember that some of the most valuable things you can provide right now are comfort and convenience.

Now that you can see how many options you do have, contact us. We can help you decide which promotional items will work best for you and your customers!

Tim Roche, Jr.

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