How to Use Promotional Products in a time of changing consumer behavior

04 Jun
person sitting on her couch working from home

With many people stuck at home, what is the best way to keep promoting your brand?

What is the most successful way to reach customers using promotional products right now?

Reaching your customer is far more successful when you are able to provide them with something of value, but what is that right now?

In order to create this value, we can start with identifying the potential needs of your customers. Right now, a lot of people are trying to keep themselves busy to pass the time stuck at home. Based on this, it would certainly be beneficial to choose promotional products that complement these at-home activities. 

Reading and Writing

Many people are finding themselves reading more than usual. Bookmarks are a great way to get your brand out there. We have a whole host of options available here.

You could even use these handy magnifying bookmarks.

Journaling is also big right now. We offer journals and notebooks in all different styles, to most accurately meet your needs. Find anything from simple softbound to luxurious Italian leather here.


People are watching a lot of TV right now. What can you give people who watch a lot of television? We’ve got ideas!

Blue light blocking glasses are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with our increased time in front of television and computer screens. Versatile in style, check out these blue light blocking glasses, available in all different colors! 

Stress-balls are also a great item to offer customers who might be far less active than usual and want to maintain their dexterity. We have them in all different styles. There’s also a chance they’ll eventually make it into the office when people return to work. Thus, increasing your brand’s reach!

Board Games and Puzzles

Just when someone thinks they’ve run out of things to keep busy, swoop in with a fun activity that also promotes your brand! From glow in the dark puzzles to wooden box brainteasers,  we have plenty of puzzles and games for your customers’ entertainment.

We know times are changing and marketing techniques need to adapt to current times. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to let us help with all of your promotional needs.

Tim Roche, Jr.