Heat Up Your Marketing Campaign: What Are The Best Promotional Products For August?

06 Aug

August is a great time to market your campaign or business with promotional products. During the summer many people are on the go and those little gadgets branding your logo can really stand out. In fact, warmer weather presents a wonderful opportunity to get out and play games which allows your brand to remain visible after a company outing or company sporting event. We’ve put together a list of the top summer promotional products to promote your business from North Carolina based promotional products experts, Juice That Brand

 Summer Promotional Products For Your Business

Water Bottle

Whatever you’re doing this summer, a cool drink is always a plus. The Super Value Sports Bottle comes in a 20 oz bottle with a ridged cap. Your company can take advantage of the promotional value in every squeeze. In fact, according to Forbes, “water bottles are a top promotional product ticket item that customers hold on to for 8 months or longer.” Sponsor a local team for additional business exposure. This amazingly durable water bottle measures 3″ W x 7.75″ H x 2 with several cool color options. 

Cellphone Fan

The Mini USB Cellphone Fan immediately plugs into your phone to cool you off instantly. This handy portable 2-in-1 (Micro USB & Lighting) is great for your customers when they’re outdoors and need more ways to cool off. The powerful, yet soft blades move in a absolutely quiet rotation. The Mini USB Cellphone Fan is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Android cellphone devices. As a safety feature, the diode prevents voltage from being kicked back from the fan which is used to protect your phone (a feature lower cost fans doesn’t provide). 


There’s nothing like a game of Frisbee in the summer. The Juice That Brand, Flying Disc is safe around food, child safe, and comes in many colors. This FDA compliant Flying Disc has a 9″ diameter/80 grams. Enjoy a company friendly outing with this durable Frisbee branded with your logo or choose the Flying Disc w/ A Pouch. After all of the fun, they’ll still have your business name embedded in their minds. Your business can choose from customized colors, themes, and imprint information your employees, clients, or customers won’t forget. 


With the summer comes rain, the automatic open Wedge Jr. umbrella will keep your business associates or clients sheltered from the seasonal rain showers. The Wedge Jr. umbrella comes with a one-touch mechanism that allows your customers to easily open their umbrella to stay dry. The EVA handle makes this handy umbrella easy to hold. Brand your business logo on the top for a visible outdoor marketing tool for people on the go. The Wedge Jr. umbrella measures at 44″ and has several amazing color options. 

Can Cooler

The Flex 12 Can Cooler is a great way to keep your drinks cool in the summer. The Flex cooler is one of the most popular items at Juice That Brand. This handy cooler is capable of holding 12 cans plus ice. This premium cooler comes with a heat sealed PEVA seal for a no-leak lining. Experience a durable cooler that’s great for company or business outings. Brand your business logo on the Flex cooler with several color and size options. The Flex measures at 13.5″ W x 8″ H x 6″ D. 

 Why Choose Juice That Brand For Your Summer Promotional Products 

At Juice That Brand, your success is our mission. Our extensive catalog is open for customers that are looking to shop or browsing promotional product ideas for August. With thousands of selections, Juice That Brand offers branded merchandise for all your promotional product needs. You’re invited to contact us for relevant, customized and quality promotional product offers with on time delivery. Contact us to discuss some great ideas. Juice That Brand today!

Tim Roche, Jr.

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