Five Outstanding Promotional Products for Business Travelers

02 Apr
Promotional Products for Business Travelers

Business travel can be exhausting, stressful and chaotic. Yet, easing the slightest inconvenience for business travelers also presents an outstanding opportunity for your brand.  Let your brand shine through with promotional products for business travelers. These items are specifically designed to ease stress while subtly reminding travelers of your company’s support. We’ve picked five of our favorite promotional products that are sure to intrigue and delight the road weary business traveler.

Top Five Promotional Products for Business Travelers

Travel Kit

Sometimes, i t’s the little things that make all the difference. Travel kits are built to be compact yet complete. These kits save precious space and weight in travelers’ luggage – a favor they’ll thank you for with every long walk through the airport or across parking lots.

Branded Travel Bags

These bags can be amazingly durable and spacious. Not only are these bags easy to carry, but they also have compartments to store items in easy-access areas. The wide size range of these items means you can offer the perfect bag to fit every traveler’s needs, while boldly announcing your brand to the world.


The classic style of a multi-compartment padfolio presents a much-needed professional look for business travelers. In addition, the zipper-protected portfolio protects against item loss and provides peace of mind for otherwise harried travelers.

Travel Tech Kit

There are few things as frustrating as a dead battery during an important meeting – especially when you’re far from home and a charger is unavailable. With a kit that includes a portable charger, adapters, a stylus and more, travelers can enter every meeting and presentation with complete confidence.

Travel Mug

There’s nothing like the classic travel mug to keep business travelers refreshed, energized, and focused on their mission. The beauty of travel mugs – in addition to the fact that they come in all colors, shapes and sizes to fit your needs – is that because travelers often carry them to meetings, you get amazing mileage out of one promotional item.

Functional Promotional Items for Business Travelers

Each one of these items blends functionality with a professional image for your company, but don’t stop here; we have hundreds of additional products that can work for your unique needs. Interested in building your brand through these or other promotional items? Contact us. We’d love to work with you.


Tim Roche, Jr.

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