The Best Promotional Products for the Finance Industry

16 Oct
Promotional Products for Finance

Simply put, promotional products are great for attracting clients to your financial firm. Whether you work for a bank, an insurance company or a brokerage firm, the more positive exposure your business receives, the better. In this article we explore why promotional products are a great addition to your marketing strategy. In addition, we’ll discuss which products have the most impact for your business’ audience.

Promotional Products for Finance

Why do they Work?

     According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), most people keep promotional products for an average of 8 months. This duration creates a lot of brand exposure. This staying power may even help generate new business clients. When you consider how inexpensive pens and coffee mugs are compared to television and radio ads, they make for an excellent asset in your overall marketing mix.

Which Products are Best

Here is a list of some of the best products for businesses in the financial industry:


Pens are particularly useful because so many financial activities require writing and signing. A good quality pen will be in your client’s hands repeatedly.

Coffee mugs

Items such as simple ceramic mugs or high-end travel mugs are inexpensive items that will get regular use.

Electronic devices

Something simple like a phone charger, flash drive or mouse pad can become a dependable tool for your clients. They also say that your business is savvy and cares about their business.

Staff Uniforms

This option is great for bank tellers or receptionists. They can be as simple as a tie, scarf or sweater. They help clients and patrons quickly identify the staff.

Coin banks

They have a symbolic touch. Complete with the logo, it is telling a client, “Your money is safe with us.”


These are relatively inexpensive to make, have a long shelf life and a lot of potential for visibility if hung in a clients office.

Letter opener

The more reusable the product, the better. It’s good to have a product that is useful, durable and will be put in their hands repeatedly.

Reusable Shopping Bag

These are particularly useful at trade shows. Attendees will use them to hold all the other promotional items and information they gather at the show.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a trade show or client event, promotional giveaway products are a great way of leaving a positive impression on a future client, investor or employee that will last longer than a television or radio ad. When placed directly into their hands, it feels like a gift that makes them more inclined to want to do business. For more information on promotional items or business tips, contact us at Juice that Brand.


Tim Roche, Jr.

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