Best Promotional Gifts to Enhance Your Brand

06 Jul
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Finding creative and appealing ways to boost brand awareness is a never-ending struggle.  Although many options are available, not every promo gift is equally effective in reaching your desired client base.  As you prepare for your next event, conference or convention, arm yourself with some of the best promotional gifts and items. While each one is unique, they all work in specific ways to enhance your brand’s image and build client relationships.


Best Promotional Gifts

Snack Bags

Long hours at the convention center and chaotic schedules are never a good combination, particularly if mealtime is neglected. Guests and fellow event workers will be pleasantly surprised to receive a trail mix baggy or another tasty treat. Each snack you give out kills two birds with one stone. You create happier guests and you subtly provide your company logo and contact information with each bag.


Anyone hosting a conference or event knows the importance of name tags and event badges. These tools allow everyone to easily identify one another as well as build a sense of unity.  However, rather than using plain lanyards, invest in a customized design to help keep your brand information in plain sight. This works particularly well if your guests will be out and about during the day.


It’s extremely frustrating for everyone when we don’t have the time or tools to quickly write down needed information. Help your conference attendees or booth visitors with a small, handy notebook or memo pad.  Although these may seem like such small gifts, their practicality goes a long way.

Shoulder Bags and Totes

Free gifts, fliers, and purchases quickly pile up over the course of a convention day.  Guests from out-of-town often wish they had more storage for the material they acquire during their stay.  Simplify your client’s organizational struggle with a promotional bag or travel tote.  This kind and appealing gesture is the perfect way to build new connections.

Travel Cups

Coffee, tea, and water are event must-haves.  As your guests leave, send them home with a highly-functional gift they can use every day.  These travel cups and water bottles are easy ways to keep your brand logo and contact information in sight on a daily basis.  The practicality of these gifts prevents them from being thrown-away or misplaced.


Everyone loves a gift, regardless of whether it’s a simple pen or an attractive tote.  Aim for practicality when selecting your event gifts. The more functional they are, the happier and more receptive trade show attendees will be.  For more information on selecting promotional items and planning your upcoming event or booth, please contact us today.

Tim Roche, Jr.

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