Autumn-Themed Promotional Product Ideas

10 Aug
Back to school

Every season is a new opportunity to distinguish your brand through your promotional items and campaign themes. This fall, many brands are changing their promotional strategy in anticipation of a festive holiday season. What are some great Autumn-themed promotional items that will get your customers and your team in high spirits as the leaves change? We’ve got a few ideas that are sure to be a hit.

Branded Tumblers for Hot Drink Weather

Autumn is the introduction of hot-drink weather. An excuse to drink cocoa and cider in addition to endless cups of coffee. Embrace the cold weather for hot drinks by producing beautiful promotional tumblers. These thermal on-the-go cups are both elegant for professionals and handy everywhere from the office desk to the wilderness campsite.

Colorful Back-to-School Supplies

Everyone knows fall is back-to-school season for parents and families. School supplies is in high demand and students love to have full sets of supplies in their favorite color. So provide where the department-store chaos and multi-color online orders are unreliable: design a promotional line of color-coded back-to-school supplies for kids, teens, and college students diving into their next semester year.

Stylish Personal Sanitizers for the New-Normal

Viral safety has become a manageable concern for today’s professionals. As workplaces reopen, we’re heading back to the office – but with a few new precautions. Make casual sanitization easy with trendy personal sanitizer promotional items. Stylish spray-pens and credit-card sized wipe packets are exactly what your professional audience needs to stay confidently viral-safe at work in an understated and accessorizing way.

Outdoor Wellness Apparel

The wellness trend is a hit. Everyone is thinking more about getting and staying healthy and companies are embracing that mission. Choose your fall promotional items this year to encourage outdoor activity for physical and mental health. Branded jackets, yoga mats, backpacks, toys, and other outdoor gear can both promote the popular healthy lifestyle and show your audience that the brand is all about outdoor wellness. 

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Tim Roche, Jr.