4 Uses for Your Branded Tote Bag

02 Jul

Easily folded and compact, a branded tote bag is an ideal “just-in-case” item that your target market will keep in their car or tuck into their daily bag or purse.

Below are four ways your branded tote bag could come in handy for your target market.

You Forgot Your Reusable Shopping Bags

Individual stores and entire states across the country are adopting eco-friendly policies, including the elimination of single-use plastic shopping bags. If you find yourself taking a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip at a store without plastic shopping bags, your tote bag could prevent you from having to juggle a handful of small items out of the door. Even better, a sturdy branded tote bag could make its way into your regular shopping rotation.

Your Kids’ Clothes/Toys Got Wet or Dirty.

If you get caught in an unexpectedly sticky situation, a hand-washable tote bag could be the last line of defense between your kids’ mischief and your car’s interior. You’ll feel at ease knowing you can load up your kids’ grass-stained cleats or muddy sweatshirts after soccer practice without needing to detail your car afterwards.

You Need to Bring Work Home.

You’re bringing home a last-minute assignment from work, but you won’t need to scramble for a box at closing time. Your brightly colored branded tote bag is just the right size, shape, and color to fit a small assignment without worrying you will lose important paperwork in transit or accidentally leave it behind.

You Have Leftovers.

Whether you and your buddies spontaneously went out for happy hour or your fast-food favorite called to you at lunch, your branded tote bag simplifies bringing home your leftovers. Its flat bottom and rigid shape fit to-go containers without spilling them. Plus, it won’t get soggy like a plastic or paper bag might.

Can you recall any recent situations you’ve encountered where you wished you had an extra tote bag on hand? If so, it’s likely your customers have shared that same experience. Contact us to order your custom-designed branded tote bags.

You never know when your customers will need one next!

Tim Roche, Jr.